Markets & Exhibitions

Here you will find images that we brought with us from the most popular exhibitions, municipal markets, flea and gipsy markets taking regularly place in the Algarve

Markets in other countries are always a fascinating tourist attraction, interesting locations for a bargain, and great opportunities to learn more about local habits and culture. The municipal markets ("mercado municipal") of the Algarve are the best places to buy local produce. In the fishing port Doca de Sagres, situated in a sheltered bay on the east coast of Sagres, fishermen auction their catch. It is considered one of the best spots in Europe to buy fresh fish and sea food. On the weekends you will find a flea & antique market, here known as "Feira de Velharias", in one of the larger cities and villages in the Algarve. And almost every day somewhere in the Algarve a so called "Gipsy Market" takes place with pedlars presenting their goods.