Dia de Portugal

The Portugal Day, the national holiday of Portugal, is celebrated every 10th of June since 1640

The national holiday of Portugal is celebrated on June 10, the day Luís Vaz de Camões, one of Portugal’s most important poets died. He created the national poem “Os Lusiades” (the Lusiades), singing the history of the Portuguese nation with emphasis on the glorious Era of Portuguese Discoveries. Since his exact date of birth is unknown, he is commemorated on the day of his death on June 10, 1580 (according to some sources 1579).  In the same year Portugal became part of the Spanish kingdom after the decline of the house of Aviz and regained its independence only in 1640 after an insurrection. Since then the 10 of June has been a holiday of national importance.

Since 1952, the patron saint of Portugal, Santo Anjo da Guarda de Portugal, is also commemorated on June 10. According to legend he ensured the victory of Christian troops, under Count Alfonso, against the Moors in the Battle of Ourique in 1139.  The same year Afonso proclaimed himself the first king of Portugal.

Since 1977, the official countrywide celebration of Portugal Day, in the presence of the President of the Republic, has been  held  in a different city each year, and also includes a military parade. In 2010 this ceremony took place in Faro for the first time, where an open area between Forum Algarve and the theatre was set up especially for this event.


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