Teatro Municipal de Faro

Municipal theatre in Faro

The Theatre

When the Teatro das Figuras opened its doors, it was a turning point in the cultural life of the Algarve because of the dimension of the space (unique in the region) and also because of the excellent and versatile equipment that allows the production and presentation of different and complex productions in remarkable conditions.

The Building

The Teatro das Figuras was projected by Portuguese renowned architect Gonçalo Byrne and has an auditorium with a large and well equipped stage, able to answer most of the artistic demands of our time. Behind the stage, along it, there is a space that can be used as rehearsal room, allowing, this way, better scenical flexibility for both artists and creators.

The proscenium is shaped like an arch has 4.4 meters and can be converted into an orchestra pit for 77 musicians.

Programming Strategie

The Teatro das Figuras is a venue where contemporary performing arts can be showcased and which focuses on building an ongoing, creative relationship with the surrounding community, helping to form, look at, think about and share new artistic experiences, and contributing to the cultural development of the city, region and country.

Programme Preview

You can download the complete programme as PDF here: DOWNLOAD


Horta das Figuras, Estrada Nacional 125
8005-518 Faro

Phone: +351-289 888 100 / +351-289 888 110

Website: http://www.teatromunicipaldefaro.pt/

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