Museu Sinagoga Isaac Bitton

Jewish museum Isaac Bitton in Faro

Faro was a famous center of Hebrew printing in the 15 century. Samuel Porteira published the first printed book in Portugal, a Hebrew edition of the Pentateuch, here in 1487. The Jews in Faro were expelled in 1497. Many continued to live there as Conversos and resettlement began in the early 19th century. A few Jews live there today, but there is a Jewish cemetery dating from 1820 and a small Jewish museum. The museum preserves the original furniture of one of the two synagogues serving the Jewish community of Faro in the 19th and 20th Century as place for marriages as well as for Bar Mitzvah.

Estrada da Penha
8000-118 Faro

Phone: +351- 289 829 525


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