Museu Municipal de Arqueologia de Silves

The museum has been erected around a famous well of Moorish origin (Almohad period, 12th and 13th Century). It presents prehistoric, Roman and Moorish antiquities. Castle of Silves
Silves: Archaeological museum - The impressive building of the Archaeological Museum of Silves is situated below the Moorish castle. It shows regional findings of the various periods from the Palaeolithic Age until modern times. One of the highlights One of the highlights is the collection of ceramics that is said to be among the best in Portugal. The museum was inaugurated in 1990 on the grounds of a cistern dating back to the period of the Almuhadens in the 12th and 13th century, forming the corner piece of the museum.

Rua da Porta de Loulé 14
8300-139 Silves

Phone: +351-282 444 832

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