Museu da Antiga Armação de Pesca do Atum - Tavira

Museum of the history of tuna fishing and the life of the fishermen and their families in the Algarve

The hotel Vila Galé Albacora is the result of the restoration of the former tuna fishing camp Arraial Ferreira Neto, where the “people of the sea” linked to tuna fishing lived from March to September. This complex, set in broad Natural Park of Ria Formosa, is  an architectural witness to the way of life of fishermen and their families, when the typical Almadrava - the frame to capture the tuna - was still used.

The old fishermen houses, workshops and warehouses gave place to 162 rooms with beautiful views of the Ria Formosa. The existing chapel was preserved and is now adapted for hosting weddings and christenings, as well as the old school, converted into a kids’ club. And the former bakery became a free small museum that is open to the public.

This is where you can observe a model illustrating the great engineering work that the almadrava was and century-old documents of the Algarve Fisheries Company (Companhia de Pescarias do Algarve). As well as a video showing the tuna capture process.

Hotel Vila Galé Albacora - Arraial Ferreira Neto / 4 Águas
8800-901 Tavira

Phone: +351-281 380 800


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