Diocese do Algarve

Faro, the capital of the Algarve, is the seat of the diocese since 1577


D. Manuel Neto Quintas


Since 1577 Faro is the seat of the Bishop of the Algarve. The Episcopal palace, built between 1581 and 1585, situated at the Largo da Sé opposite the cathedral was restored and expanded after the earthquake of 1755.


The territory of the diocese is identical with the administrative entities – the district of Faro and the province Algarve. It consists of 81 parishes and 177 churches.


Already in the beginning of the 4th Century a hierarchical Christian organization did exist. The first seat of the diocese was the Roman town Ossonoba, today’s Faro. The first church dignitary historically confirmed is Bishop Vicente who assisted to the Council of Elvira in 304, the first large convention of the clergy of the Iberian Peninsula. The bishopric existed in the kingdom of the Visigoths, and even during the Moorish period there was a Christian community, the so called Mozarabs.

When Silves was conquered by Sancho I, the diocese of the Algarve was rebuilt there as a dependence of the Cathedral of Seville. The bishops of the Algarve remained there until the 16th Century, when Silves lost its importance. In 1538 the transfer to Faro was decided and implemented in 1577 under Bishop D. Jerónimo Osório. Since 1540 the diocese is subordinate to the archdiocese of Évora.



Paço Episcopal, Largo da Sé 15
8000-138 Faro

Phone: +351-289 829 206

Website: http://diocese-algarve.pt

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