Animal Rescue Algarve ("ARA")

Registered animal charity in the Algarve, Portugal by Abrigo dos Animais in Loulé

Soon, one of the biggest sanctuaries for dogs and cats in Portugal will be born in the Algarve. The foundations of our shelter’s construction have already been laid!

At Animal Rescue Algarve sanctuary we are committed to restore faith and hope on the way Man treats animal life. We pursuit the dream of creating an animal sanctuary that will prove to be the last stronghold for 600 animals. Our mission is to provide assistance with the greatest ethics and promptness, to provide quality of life with dignity, and endeavour to find the right family for every rescued animal.

Our newly built facilities will have the capacity to house approximately 600 animals, divided into three different locations, providing them food, safe shelter, veterinarian monitoring, training, socialisation, and the quality of life with the dignity they deserve. All 3 locations will be attended 24/7 with permanent surveillance.

If you want to support ARA, you can donate HERE!

Phone: +351-289 462 384


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