Algarve Ecovias

The “Ecovias do Algarve” are an extended network of ecologically designed biking and hiking trails along the nicest regions of the Algarve

The system of Ecovias in the Algarve consists of 4 main long-distance trails:

  • Ecovia Litoral do Algarve, along the coast from Vila Real de Santo António on the Spanish border to Cape St. Vincent, the most south-western tip of continental Europe

  • Grande Rota do Guadiana, following the lower course of the river Guadiana from Vila Real de Santo António to Alcoutim

  • Rota Vicentina in the natural park of the Costa Vicentina, going along the unspoiled western coast of the Algarve up to the Alentejo in the north

  • Via Algarviana, a long-distance hiking and MTB track in the interior of the Algarve, connecting Cape St. Vincent in the west with Alcoutim on the river Guadiana in the east

This unique network is complemented by several acces trackst o the Via Algarve as well by manifold circular and short-distance trails.

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