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Ecovia Litoral do Algarve

Long-distance biking trail to discover the beauty of the southern Algarve coast

Ecovia Litoral do Algarve is a long-distance biking trail with a total length of ca. 228 km, connecting Cape St. Vincent, the most south-western tip of continental Portugal with Vila Real de Santo António on the estuary of the river Guadiana. The lower course of the river is the border of the Algarve with Andalusia in Spain. The trail runs as close as possible to the coast, on small roads and dirt tracks.

The trail is partially marked. In the bigger cities, a blue line on the road indicates the Ecovia.

For more details of the three sections please follow the links below:

The Ecovia Litoral do Algarve is the southernmost sector of the route n°1 of Eurovelo, the Europe-wide network of biking tracks, that goes up to the North Cape in Norway. With a bike, the whole distance takes 3 days:On both ends the route is linked to further trails:

  • Via Algarviana, a long-distance hiking and MTB track in the interior of the Algarve, connecting Cape St. Vincent with Alcoutim
  • Rota Vicentina in the natural park of the Costa Vicentina, going along the unspoilt western coast up to the Alentejo
  •  Grande Rota do Guadiana, following the lower course of the river Guadiana from Vila Real de Santo António to Alcoutim

Originally planned as Bike-Trail, many parts are very beautiful to walk, especially in the Tavira area and west of Albufeira.

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