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Espiche Golf

18holes golf course near Lagos

Location and access

Espiche Golf is situated in the interior of the western Algarve near Lagos and Praia da Luz. It is set in an open landscape with vineyards a few kilometres from the coast of the Atlantic against the backdrop of the mountains of the Serra de Monchique. From the national road EN125 between Lagos and Vila do Bispo it is only a six km drive and around 12 kms from the end of the A22 motorway.

Golf course

This gently undulating 18hole par 72 course blends into the Algarve landscape. Its lakes, streams and indigenous plants add to the enrichment and biodiversity of the area.

The fairways cleverly make full use of the natural undulating slopes and hollows calling for precise and thoughtful driving while the brilliantly sculpted and sited greens require players to use their full range of pitch shots.

Services & facilities

Built into the hillside on the site of an old Algarvian farmhouse, the clubhouse is the perfect place to relax after a great round, as you enjoy panoramic views across the entire course and surrounding terrain.

A practice facility is located close to the main entrance. The practice area and the golf academy offer programs for individual players and for groups.


Espiche Golf is one of a few courses in the Algarve without any towering hotels, condominium projects or villas lining the fairways. Nothing prevents golfers from enjoying the natural beauty of the area framed by the majestic Monchique Mountains in the distance.

Course Data

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Course Map

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