Loulé: Convento da Graça

Portal and ruin of the former Augustinian convent in the centre of Loulé

The monument was erected as monastery by the order of St. Francis in the 13th. Century, coming from Andalusia to the Algarve to evangelize the population after the re-conquest of the country from the Moors. The portal is one of only few monuments of that time in the Algarve and was declared as National Monument in 1924. In the 16th. Century it was taken over by nuns of the order of St. August and received its actual name “Da Graça”. It was, like most monuments, damaged by the earthquake of 1755 and fell into a ruin after the expropriation in 1834.

  • 1253-1567 Order of St. Francis
  • 1568-1834 Order of St. August
  • Since 1834 privately owned

Largo Ten. Cabeçadas
8100 Loulé

Phone: +351-289 400 600

Website: http://www.cm-loule.pt/pt/2756/convento-da-graca.aspx

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