Serra de Monchique: Fóia

The highest elevation in the Algarve and in southern Portugal

Fóia (902 m) is the highest elevation not only in the Serra de Monchique, but also in the whole of southern Portugal. The Serra’s mighty hills are visible from afar. The scarce vegetation of the peak plateau consists mainly of shrubs and various wild herbs.

Two roads lead from Monchique to Fóia: driving along the 2-lane road on the southern side is easy and spectacular views over the rolling plains to the sea can be seen. On the way you will find Quinta de São Bento, a former royal summer residence, embedded in a lush garden with ancient trees. Today the Quinta, still owned by the Dukes of Bragança, is host to a small hotel and restaurant serving reasonably priced regional dishes. The unique location and individual ambience of the place make it well worth a visit!

The (northern) road behind Fóia is narrow, making it difficult to avoid oncoming traffic. If you don’t shy away from walking on foot to Fóia you should take this road. Upon arrival at the peak, you are amply rewarded with stunning views both to the Ocean and inland to the Alentejo.

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