Vila do Bispo: Montes dos Amantes

Neolithical menhirs (5.000 B.P.) in the surroundings of Vila do Bispo

Footprints of early human beings can be found at various places in the Algarve. One of the best documented examples is the menhir garden "Montes dos Amantes" near Vila do Bispo. The so called "roteiro megalitico" leads from one menhir to the next. He can be easily reached by car if you take a small road in parallel to the EN125 to Sagres from the roundabout at the western exit of Vila do Bispo. Then follow the signs.

The menhirs are of Neolithic origin, and date to around 5000 B.P. It is known that they were "imported" into their current positions as they are of a Carboniferous Limestone, as opposed to the Jurasic Limestone that outcrops on the hills underfoot.

This information is extracted from the website valegrifo.

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