Cacela Velha: Fortaleza

Fortress and picturesque village on the Ria Formosa between Tavira and Vila Real d.S.A.

Cacela Velha is situated directly on the Ria Formosa lagoon between Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António. This picturesque little village is only a few miles from the EN 125 main road. Access by car is allowed only to residents - visitors can park the car at the village entrance and easily explore it by foot.

Cacela Velha’s few buildings are surmounted by the church and an impressive castle, that was part of the border fortification against neighbouring Spain. Today a toll authority resides there, and thus the castle is not open to visits. There is, however, a route called "Itinerário de Castelos do Baixo Guardiana", on which you can follow the former fortifications on the lower Guadiana river.

Cacela Velha

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