Silves: Praça Al-Mutamid

The square on the water front of the Arade river is named after this famous Moorish poet and writer

al-Mu'tamid Muhammad ibn Abbad Ibn Ismail al-Lakhmi (1040–1095), also known as Almutâmide or Abade III, was one of the most prominent personalities of his time in Al-Andalus, the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. As a member of the Abbadid dynasty, he became governor of Silves at the age of 13 and inherited Seville as caliph after the death of his father. He was a friend and promoter of the sciences and the poetry and known as a poet and writer himself.

The city of Silves has recently set up an impressive monument on the square in honour of Al-Mutamid and its great Moorish heritage.


Praça Al-Mutamid
8300 Silves

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