Village near Faro with a Rokoko palace converted into a Pousada
  • District: Faro > Municipality: Faro > Parish: Conceição e Estoi
  • Population: 3.652
  • Distances: Faro Airport 14 km, Lisbon Airport 274 km
  • Tourist Info: Faro Tourist Info

Estoi is a small village (vila) within the municipality (concelho) of Faro. It was an independent parish until 2013, when it was was merged with the neighbouring town of Conceição to form the new parish Conceição e Estoi.

Estoi is situated close to Faro on the national road to São Brás de Alportel near the A22 motorway. The village, is still almost untouched by tourism, and is best known for the beautiful rococo palace of the former earl of Estoi. After a long period of intense restoration the great building has been converted into a hotel, the historic Pousada de Faro, belonging to the Pestana hotel group.

Near Estoi you can find the ruins of Milreu, a typical former Roman villa. It is one of only a few pieces of evidence left indicating the impressive architecture and culture of this period. Because of this remarkable place historians had believed that Estoi was the former Roman town Ossonoba, but today we know that Ossonoba was the forerunner of Faro.

In the fertile Barrocal landscape surrounding Estoi visitors will find several nice rural hotels.

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