Golf Destination Spain

All you need for a perfect golf break in Spain, Europe’s best golf destination – more than 300 golf courses, discounted green fees, guaranteed tee times, attractive golf packages,…

For many years Spain is the most popular destination in Europe for golf holidays, and many golf enthusiasts would rank today Spain as the top golf destination in the world. Golfers can choose from more than 300´s golf courses and golf resorts, most of them set along the fantastic Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, but also on the Canary and Balearic Islands and the central region around Madrid. Golf courses in Spain exist for well over a century, but its only during the last twenty years or so that Spain came to be known as an exceptional golf destination. 1997's Ryder Cup was responsible for bringing Spain to the world's attention, having the honour of being the very first country outside of UK and the USA to ever host the world's most prestigious golf event. Warm sunny climate, excitement and wonderful gastronomy, admirable culture filled with history, great priced flights from the majority of Europe airports, and most important of all, a great offer of top-class golf courses, all combined to make it a great choice for a golfing break. The majority of Spain’s best golf courses are located along the Mediterranean coastline, from Costa Brava in the North-East to Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol and Costa da Luz in the fascinating region of Andalucía, where more than 80 world-class golf courses are scattered along some 100 miles of coastline. In the North-Western region of Calicia between Portugal and the Bay of Biscay golfers can enjoy another 20 great golf courses in a completely different environment. The Mediterranean archipelago of the Balearics and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are host to more than 40 beautiful golf courses, and the central region around the Spanish capital of Madrid is also worth to be discovered for a perfect golf break.