Algarve water sports weather

Actual weather conditions and forecast for water sports on the Atlantic coast of the Algarve: tidal table, air & water temparature, wind strength & direction, wave altitude & directions and many more useful information for surfers and other water sports activities

Actual weather conditions may significantly differ in the various locations on the long Algarve coast due to the winds on the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer the sea in the Eastern Algarve is usually warmer than in the western part of the Algarve because of the Mediterranean winds from the Levant. Especially iduring the winter time wind and waves will be considerably rougher on the Western coast. Therefore we are publishing more specific and detailed weather data and 72h forecast for selected spots on the Algarvian coast, including wind speed and direction, altitude of waves and rating for surfers as a special service to our visitors interested in water sports. According to our own experience, and based on judgements of the locals, this is the most accurate weather information currently available for the Algarve.