Festa pequena da Mãe Soberana

The procession of Nossa Sra. da Piedade, the patroness of Loulé
Sunday, 27 March 2016 | Culture

For more than 500 years, the festival of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, the patroness of Loulé, known as Mãe Soberana (Sovereign Mother), has been celebrated in Loulé for two weeks starting on Easter Sunday.  This festival of the local patroness of the region is considered the largest religious demonstration in Portugal, south of Fátima.

Festa Pequena (Easter Sunday)

The procession begins with the recitation of a rosary at the chapel Nossa Sra. da Piedade. Then the statue of Mae Soberana is carried down to the church of S. Francisco The procession to the strains of an orchestra, an accelerated march, is not at all easy due to the steep and narrow winding road.

The statue remains in the church for 15 days until the Festa Grande.