Ilha Deserta and Ilha do Farol Tour

Discovering the western islands of the Ria Formosa in January 2016
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 | Excursion

Our nice from Austria and her Swiss friend went out for a boat tour in the Ria Formosa on a sunny morning in January together with a small group of tourists from all over the world. The excursion was guided by a local well knowing the place giving explanations in multiple languages.

First leg was the Ilha da Barreta, also known as Ilha Deserta (deserted  island) because it is uninhabited. The southernmost tip of continental Portugal, the Cabo de Santa Maria, is only a short walk to the west from the landing stage where the group went ashore. During this time of the year you can stroll along the seaside beach for miles without meeting people.

The next break was on the island to the east, Ilha da Culatra. A huge lighthouse (port. farol) marks the passage between the island and the neighbouring Ilha da Barreta, the only way through for boats to Faro. The light can be seen by afar at night. This part of the island is also called "Ilha do Farol", and the name of the popular beach on the sea side is Praia do Farol. The small settlement nearby is made up of fishermen’s cottages and holiday accommodation, facing the lagoon.

After two hours the boat took them back to Faro. Have a look at the photos they brought back from an unforgettable trip.