Sagres in January 2016

An excursion to the south-western tip of Europe in winter time
Monday, 04 January 2016 | Excursion

What to do with visitors from abroad on a rainy winter day in the Algarve? A trip to the south-western corner of the European continent near Sagres to see the spectacular cliffs,  steeply rising from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean is always an unforgettable impression.

Visiting Cabo de São Vicente in January is offering unexpected views. The parking in front of the famous lighthouse is almost empty, the stand offering the “Letzte Bratwurst vor Amerika” is closed, and the bargainers from North Africa, selling woollen sweaters even in the hottest summer, are missing now – although such a garment would be highly appreciated in the rough and humid wind.

At lunch time we go to the Tasca Sagres, overlooking the fishing port of the city. There is no other place in the Algarve were you will find fresher fish or sea food. Today on Monday the selection of fish is limited to Corvina, Cherne and Linguado, and we go for a slice of wreck fish from the grill. As a starter we have oysters, opened by the waiter at the table and regional prawns caught in the nearby waters. Also the octopus cooked in olive oil and garlic and surrounded by slice of sweet potato is excellent.

At the end of an eventful day the overcast sky opens, and the Algarvian sun is illuminating the picturesque scene of the bay of Sagres.