Boca do Rio - Roman fishing port

Excavation of a fishing port of the times of the Roman Empire (Century I - V) near Budens, municipality Vila do Bispo, western Algarve
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Culture

As reported by the Portuguese media agency LUSO, a team of Portuguese and German archaeologists has excavated the remains of a Roman fishing port. The site on the beach of Boca do Rio in the municipality of Vila do Bispo near Budens is said to be one of the most important discoveries of that period in the south-western Algarve and is the best conserved Roman monument in entire Portugal.

The project was started in 2017 and ends in September 2018 under the supervision of Prof. João Pedro Bernardes, Centro de Estudos em Artes, Arqueologia e Património (CEAACP) of the Universidade do Algarve, and Prof. Félix Teichner, University Marburg. The excavated port is part of a maritime fishing complex, built in the first Century AD, that included a villa with thermae and a factory to produce the popular sauce garum.