Gas and oil exploration in the Algarve - Update July 2016

Results of the discussion in the Portuguese Parliament
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 | Economy

On Friday, July 1st the Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon discussed and voted on the gas and oil exploration project in the Algarve. Of five key proposals from political parties  - PAN, BE, PCP, PEV (Green party) and the PS, the following points were approved:

  • The immediate suspension of the development of oil and gas exploration by conventional or unconventional methods in the Algarve. (BE)
  • That EIA’s (Environmental Impact Assessments) be made obligatory from initial exploration phases. (PS)
  • That EIA’s should be requested, so as to assess all oil & gas exploration and production risks, and identify risk mitigating or eliminating processes. (PCP)
  • Motivate a socio-economic study, with a special focus on impacts that oil exploration and production may have on economic sectors with a special focus on the tourism sector. (PCP)
  • That results of the assessment of all contracts be published; that should any irregularities be found then that the necessary steps be taken to rescind them; that the government shall retain all rights under its jurisdiction to take the appropriate measures required. (PS)
Note: But the voting that took place on Friday is of an advisory capacity only, and it’s up to the government to implement the approved points. We believe that the government has taken note and will act in the correct form.


This text is an extract from an article distributed by ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association on July 5. You can read the complete article HERE..