Pentecost 2016

Images of a walk in the barrocal region around Sta. Bárbara
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 | Nature

This year the precipitation during the winter season in the Algarve was significantly below average, but in early May we suffered from heavy rain falls together with thunder storms, flooding parts of the cities of Faro and Olhão. Fortunately the day before Pentecost the weather cleared up, so that we could leave our rain boots at home when walking the dogs.

In some places the meadow blossoms have already faded away due to the rain, others have changed their dominant colour from the yellow in April to various tones of blue, pink and purple. Different species of thistles are now coming to the fore, and we can observe the shining red of the first grenadine blossoms. Near the wells giving name to the whole area “Poço do Mouro” we found a huge whitethorn hedge in full flower.