Portugal wine regions

Wine in Portugal is grown in 12 continental regions and on the islands of the Azores and Madeira

Please click at the gallery to open a map of the 14 wine regions of continental Portugal and the islands of Madeira and the Azores with actually 31 DOCs.

N.B. the numbers on the map only go up to 28 because three of the regions, Douro and Port, Madeira and Madeirense, DOC Setúbal and DOC Palmela have the same ‘footprint’ and are numbered together.

Here you will find the Portuguese wine regions and the related the DOC areas and regional wines in alphabetic order:

  • Açores: DOC Biscoitos, Graciosa, Pico, Vinho Regional Açores
  • Alentejo: DOC Alentejo, Vinho Regional Alentejano
  • Algarve: DOC Lagoa, Lagos, Portimão, Tavira, Vinho Regional Algarve
  • Barraida: DOC Barraida, Vinho Regional Beira Atlântico
  • Beira Interior: DOC Beira Interior, Vinho Regional Terras da Beira
  • Dão e Lafões: DOC Dão, Lafões, Vinho Regional Terras da Dão
  • Lisboa: DOC Alenquer, Arruda, Bucelas, Carcavelos, Colares, Encosta d’Aire, Lourinhã, Òbidos, Torres Vedras, Vinho Regional Lisboa
  • Madeira: DOC Madeira, Maderiense, Vinho Regional Terras Madeirenses
  • Península de Setúbal: DOC Palmela, Setúbal, Vinho Regional Península de Setúbal
  • Porto e Douro: DOC Douro, Porto, Vinho Regional Duriense
  • Távora e Varosa: DOC Távora – Varosa, Vinho Regional Terras de Cister
  • Tejo: DOC do Tejo, Vinho Regional Tejo
  • Trás-os-Montes: DOC Trás-os-Montes, Vinho Regional Transmontano
  • Vinho Verde: DOC Vinho Verde, Vinho Regional Minho